Wednesday, July 23, 2008

all about balance

Here is the yoga thought for the day from Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston:

"Nourished people, people who love and care for themselves, are also more efficient and nicer to be around. When you give yourself permission to relax, people will feel more relaxed around you, your environment will become more harmonious. Balance--between work and pleasure, giving and receiving, seriousness and levity--creates a happy, healthy life."

Here are some ways I nourish myself and try to create some balance:

  • practicing yoga
  • reading

  • writing in my journal

  • being creative

  • petting my pups and cats

  • breathing deeper

  • listening to personal growth podcasts

  • blogging

  • taking hot baths in the winter

  • hanging out at Barnes and Noble

  • walking the dogs
If self-care isn't on your priority list, perhaps it would be a good thing to add! Enjoy your day.


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