Sunday, July 20, 2008

feeling sweaty

I just got home from going on a very short run with my husband and then a longer walk with my dogs, and boy, is it hot out there already. I do have to say, feeling sweaty from physical exertion is a really great, cleansing feeling. I can almost feel the toxins fleeing from my body with each drip! I am already looking forward to teaching a yoga class this afternoon and sweating out more of those little toxins then. With this being said, a few posts ago I wrote some tips for beginning yogis. I didn't mention that when you practice yoga it is much, much safer to be in a warm to hot environment. If you are practicing in a cold, air-conditioned room, beware: It is not safe to stretch your muscles when they are cold. That is one of the reasons I love power yoga--you flow at the beginning of the class to get your muscles nice and warm before slowing down and stretching them. With that being said, if you do end up in a cold room trying to do yoga, dress in layers to keep your body heated!

Here is your yoga thought for the day from Kathy Freston's book Quantum Wellness:

"Just as important as getting to our core emotions is the work of quieting our minds so we can hear what our soul is trying to tell us. Our minds can cause all kinds of chaos and confusion in our bodies and threaten our sense of equanimity and peace. That's because the mind is constantly at work processing past events and setting us up for what happens next. It is full to bursting with preconceptions, anxieties, and old agendas that we might not even be aware of. It's time to get quiet and find out. By clearing out all that mental clutter, we can finally hear what really matters to us. And set our lives going in that direction."


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