Monday, May 25, 2009

weekend festivities

Extended weekends are always so yummy. This one has been especially nice. Friday night my sweet husband and I went out for sushi to celebrate his last day of school. Summer has officially arrived for him. I have one week and two days until my summer is here. I think it's so important to find reasons to have celebrations on a regular basis!
Saturday I took the pups on a long walk. We then went to Westlakes, and I bought another pot for planting. I filled it with a canna and sweet potato vines in green and black (this is my first year to purchase sweet potato vines, and I really, really like them already). So, I am officially done planting for the summer now--really. I definitely haven't been practicing much brahmacharya when it comes to purchasing flowers this year. I need to work on this. They just make me so darn happy!

I also spent some time on our two computers Saturday afternoon. I have a bunch of files on the old one that I need to get transferred to our new one. You can see my pup, Ziggy and my gigantic cat (yes, I know he's huge), Zak are finally starting to tolerate one another. They aren't friends, but at least they are occassionally able to relax around one another! Sat. evening we went to a BBQ at friends' house. Then we came back home and met up with my Mom and step-dad. Mom and I went to the mall and I found the baragain of the year! The dress was originally $70.00, and I got it for the bargain price of $4.98. Yes, $4.98. Upon inspection, I noticed the belt is missing a few rhinestones, so I'll either try to fix it or buy a new belt.

Yesterday was another BBQ. This time with my entire family at my Grandpa's lake home. It's a little retreat into the woods and nature.

I also painted my nails a bright, sweet pink color. It's always nice to have a splash of color on my hands!

Today I will be spending the majority of my time at a coffee shop working on my graduate class. I hope your weekend was filled with fun, relaxation, and family, too!


p.s. Don't forget the Summer Sun Salutation and Meditation Challenge is quickly approaching! (See details on the side of the blog.) Also, be checking in regularly as I just might be changing my blog title and/or location soon. Exciting change is in the air for me...more details to follow!

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i LOVE big kitties!!!