Tuesday, May 12, 2009

summer list

Today, I spent a bit of time brainstorming how I'll fill my time during the summer days. (I often get asked the question of what I'll be doing since I don't work during June and July. I am definitely not one to get bored. I can always find something to do!) Here's what I came up with:

  • retreat to a cabin in the woods for a weekend floating trip with husband, family, and friends

  • do lots of yoga
  • spend time with sweet husband

  • teach yoga

  • go to the 2nd annual girls weekend with my fabulous girlfriends

  • have a father's day bbq

  • complete my summer sun salutation and meditation challenge

  • lounge by the pool with great summer reads

  • go to the farmer's market

  • eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies

  • visit local coffee joints to chill, read, and write

  • take a shopping trip to st. louis

  • eat breakfast with my husband at different locations throughout town

  • walk to starbucks early mornings with my husband and pups

  • spend time with grandparents

  • take pups to dog park

  • visit local parks and hike on trails

  • remodel master bath

  • get a garage keypad

  • learn more about blogging...maybe even try a vlog entry or two

  • clean and organize closets

  • make t-shirts with fun, creative, zen sayings

  • take a 3 credit hour graduate course

  • make jewelry

  • make creative inspiration folders--home, fashion, & lifestyle

  • renew my AFAA certification

  • spend time reconnecting with friends
  • browse in bookstores
  • take short afternoon cat naps

  • clean out file cabinet

  • transfer i tunes to new computer

  • get external hard drive and back up computers

So, this is some of what I'll be doing this sacred summer. I'd love to hear if you have any summer plans.


(photo by laughing dog on flickr).


Melita said...

your list sounds like F.U.N.

please do a vlog!! (please...) :-)

karmacoy said...

Love your list!! I'm working on mine, but I'll still be working 3 days per week so it won't be quite as long as your list--- but hopefully just as fun (oh, and add in the seven year old girl activities as well!!)

Emily said...

That is a very wonderful list-o-fun! You are going to have a very fabulous summer. This inspires me to make my own summer adventure list! Thanks. :)