Friday, May 1, 2009

sunshine personal days and surprises

Today I took a personal day (we get two personal days per school year and I had one left). My original plan was to go to Strawberry Hill Farms, one of the greatest plant and flower places in town, buy some beautiful flowers and spend the rest of the day in the sun planting them. It seems the sunshine has been taking some personal days, too, as it hasn't been working much at all lately. Today was cloudy, rainy, and cold, so my personal day plan has been postponed. I ended up doing some laundry, running some errands, and then pretty much vegging out most of the day.

On a much more exciting note, earlier in the week, I was also thinking how much I would like to get a massage on my personal day, as I haven't had one in a few months; however, because I'm saving my mula to pay for some graduate classes I'll be taking this summer, I decided the massage was something I could live without--eventhough I had a deep yearning to get one. Then...literally, the day after I was thinking about craving a massage, I got a text message from one of my fabulous friend's husband, asking what I was doing this Saturday because he wanted to surprise his wife and buy us both lunch and massages at Spa Shiki. I almost fell out of my chair when I read the text. It worked out perfectly because the May schedule for yoga hadn't been sent out yet, so I was able to take the morning off. I was waiting to post about this until my friend found out about the surprise. I just got off the phone with her to finalize the details, and I cannot wait until tomorrow! I will be rising early, showering, swinging by Starbuck's drive-through, and heading out of town for a great day filled with girl-time fun and relaxation! Thank you my fabulous friend's hubby!!!

Hope your weekend has some fun and relaxation in it, too. And, I hope the sunshine gets back to work, soon. :)

p.s. The photo is from Spa Shiki's website and is of the hot tub at Spa Shiki.

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