Saturday, April 23, 2011

yoga workshop & lovely ladies of inspiration

I just got back into town from a two day intensive yoga assists workshop with Gina Caputo at Kansas Siddhi Yoga. It was a wonderful two days of learning. When I get back home from yoga teacher training workshops, my mind is always spinning with ideas and inspiration and a sense of being humbled, yet very empowered. I cannot wait to teach my next class!

If you ever have a chance to take a class or training with Gina, I highly recommend it. She is inspiring & tough as nails, but with a great sense of humor & a huge heart. She is now also added to my list of women who inspire me. Here's my current list of lovely lady inspiration:

Kris Carr
Gabrielle Bernstein
Seane Corn
Kimberly Wilson
Louise Hay
Cheryl Richardson

I think it's so important to recognize those who are your sources of inspiration, so you can begin to grow and learn and transform--particularly focusing in on the characteristics in that person you admire. What rational risks did she take to get where she is? What feeling does she evoke in you when you're in her presence or simply observing her? How can you give a similar feeling to others? How can you be fully yourself, yet integrate some of what you've learned fom her?

Who inspires you?

Peace, Love, Lipstick,
& Namaste'

*photo from Kansas Siddhi Yoga website


Anonymous said...

Christina Sell
Elena Brower
Alice Walker
Adrienne Rich
Barbara Kingsolver

Workshops are suck amazingly fulfilling experiences :)

Leslie said...

Trimomremade-Thanks for sharing your ladies of inspiration list. It's always so uplifting to recognize women in positive ways! Namaste'