Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on putting that baggage down

While I love a beautiful piece of luggage as much as the next Diva girl, there is some baggage I just don't wanna carry. No matter how wonderful and loving and gracious our parents were as we grew up, we all acquire baggage. It's just a part of life. This baggage isn't like a gorgeous Louis Vuitton filled with inspiring beauty; this baggage is down-right ugly and filled with crap. It feels oh. so. heavy. to carry on a daily basis. It slows us down. It keeps us stagnant. It casts a dark shadow on our lives. Yet, sometimes we do everything in our power to keep on carrying it. We fill it with anger. We fill it with fear. We make up excuses as to why we need to keep it around. We hold on tight to it, as if we would have to go naked without its contents. We believe it is a part of us, and that we wouldn't be "ourselves" without it.

Here is the simple, good news:
We can CHOOSE at any moment to put our baggage down.

It is just that simple. We can send our parents, past lovers, friends, etc. light and love and forgiveness, and then set the bag down and MOVE ON. And, anytime we feel the baggage trying to roll back into our lives, (and I can guarantee it will at some point or another) we can make a conscious choice to stop it and simply refuse to pick it back up. While others may have filled our baggage full, we are the ones who have control of whether or not we carry it.

That, my friends, is personal power & responsibility

& we ALL have it.

What do you need to set down today?

Peace, Love, Lipstick

& Namaste,


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