Thursday, February 24, 2011

girl crush

Sickness=Day 5 (Yes, your read that correctly, day five and still feeling like rubish). I've literally been alternating laying on the bed and on the sofa for five full days now. When I am feeling back to my normal, healthy self, I am going to go out and celebrate my life and my health--that is for sure! Until then, I will continue to fill my days with resting and internet surfing.

In the midst of my surfing, I have come across the fabulously inspirational Gabrielle Bernstein. Are you familiar with her? Well, if not, definitely check her out! She is my newest girl crush. I love finding fabulous women who are doing great things! I will be ordering her book soon, and I'm looking forward being continually inspired!

You can check Gabrielle out here.

Much love, health, & happiness to you all!

Peace, Love, Lipstick,

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