Thursday, September 30, 2010

lions in your home

Wired for Joy is one of the books I'm currently reading. It's written by Laurel Mellin, and while interesting, quite honestly, it has a bit too much of a text-book type feel for my personal preference. With this being said, I continue to read it because the topic is fascinating, and I'm learning. Essentially it's about rewiring the circuits in our brain to be joyful rather than stressful.

I do believe that being "stressed out" is almost celebrated in our culture today. Even as I write this I am thinking of how ludicrous that statement sounds, but I personally believe it. Seriously, if a person isn't busy and stressed there must be something wrong with them or missing in their life, right? We can become completely identified with our "stressed out" selves and our brain can become wired to be habitually stressed. Being stressed is a bad habit--period.

So, I'm working on's a process, that's for sure. While Laurel Mellin wrote an entire book on the topic, so far I think there are two poignant statements that sum it all up quite simply:

"'Stress is optional. There are no lions in your home.'"

I'm going to try to remember this next time I'm feeling like there are!


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