Thursday, September 9, 2010

good news challenge

Today I had a student stop by to tell me good news. (Gotta love this!) Essentially, earlier in the week she came by because she was very frustrated with a situation with a teacher, and she reacted to the situation in a not so good way. We talked about how she could approach the teacher and have a mature conversation to try and right the situation. Today she came in and told me she talked with him and it went very well. This is a HUGE deal for this kid. She said the entire time she was talking with him she had my words in the back of her head (Double love this!).

When I first started my counseling program, I felt a lot of pressure (from myself) to "fix" people and "fix" situations. I remember one of my favorite instructors and mentors saying there is no such things as "fixing"--all you can do is plant seeds...just keep planting seeds. It's so exciting to see seeds I've planted over the last 2 years with my students starting to grow.

This incident also got me thinking about how glad I was she came back to share her good news with me. It seems people share complaints and frustrations much more readily than good news (and I'm not talking about in a counseling situation here--just in daily conversations). At times, I believe complaining can almost become a habit--and a not-so-good one, at that. Although I did have many situations today that wouldn't be considered "good news," that one small victory is what is really standing out in my mind and is most important. Oh how the world would be different if everyone shared at least one piece of good news with everyone they encounter...

So, that's my September challenge to you--share a piece of good news (no matter how big or small) with at least one person a day throughout the month of September.

Spread the goodness.


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