Wednesday, September 1, 2010

welcome september

September Intentions:

*Spend a weekend in Hermann w/ Sweet husband and friends
*Playdate w/ Hayley at Summit Lake Winery
*Finish reading Fly Away Home and Women, Food, & God (didn't happen last month, as I had hoped....I just read too many books at one time!)
*Teach 3 donation yoga classes at work in honor of National Yoga Month
*Play piano at least 1 time a week (went down from 3--I think this is more do-able for me right now)
*Learn 3 guitar chords (hoping Sweet Husband puts new strings on his guitar soon, as one is broken)
*Final summer pool party at my Momma's new pool
*Morning hike through the woods w/ Sweet Husband
*Start reading Yoga Adjustments book again

What do you have planned for the divine month of September?


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