Saturday, October 2, 2010

oct. intentions

Welcome October! (One of my all-time favorite months!)
Here are my intentions for this month:

*host fall soup & wine tasting housewarming party
*eat mindfully & exercise regularly
*thoroughly enjoy the fall weather
*get some good fall photos
*continue planning more girl-time
*learn more about life & wellness coaching using this book
*finish reading Wired For Joy & Catching Fire
*start reading Women & Money
*spend time with Grandma & Grandpa
*knit hot-pink slippers
*explore the brand new Marshalls coming to town (so. very. excited. about this!)
*try not to use the phrases "I'm tired, stressed, or busy," the entire month
*don fun, fall scarves, arm-warmers, & hats
*take at least 3 deep, full breaths every day

What are your intentions for the month?


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