Saturday, May 1, 2010

you can heal your life

Today I watched the movie/documentary You Can Heal Your Life, and I am feeling completely inspired. It's based on the book by Louise Hay--which I haven't yet read but now have on order. It's essentially about the law of attraction and how your thoughts affect your body and the creation of your life. I definitely recommend it; however, I feel I must add that there are times when it is very cheesy--I've found many of these type of personal growth, low budget films are a bit corny--but, I just keep focus on the wonderful message, and I am usually able to look past it. If you've already seen it or read the book, I'd love to know your thoughts!



Mimi said...

Hi Leslie,
"You can heal your life" is a very inspiring movie. I also enjoyed it very much. I think it is so much better than the secret, because it is all about healing and creating you reality with positivity etc...but unlike the secret it is not all about the house, the car, the money...I can reccomend the audiobook, because you can listen to Louise´s voice which is very calm and relaxing and she does some very amazing exercises :)

Have a happy day! Mimi :)

connie said...

You Can Heal Your Life was the first book I eve read on the topic of self development or health or any of that stuff!! It was the trigger for a huge inner awakening that has transpired over the past 8 years of my life and lead me to many other books along the way. I go back to that book time and time again. It is a classic and Louise is a wise and amazingly inspiring woman.

I watched the movie and enjoyed it, but I think because I was already so aware of the teachings, I didn't find it that powerful. Wayne Dyer has also created a movie, which I think it called The Shift. Your right, they do verge on corny, but I found his one very moving and powerful. I think you can watch it in sections on You Tube

Hope you enjoy the book x

Yogadiva said...

Hi, Ladies. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Eventhough I haven't read the book, the ideas were mainly review for me, but it's always great to get the reminders. Plus it nice to hear them and watch, rather than just reading them! Love the ideo of the audiobook, too! Connie, thanks so much for the recommendation of The Shift. I LOVE Wayne Dyer and will definitely be checking it out!


Anonymous said...

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Melita said...

i've got to check out that documentary & her book. i've browsed through & heard rave reviews about some of her books.... now i MUST check them out ;) hugs!!

A Green Spell said...

I love Louise Hay! "Cheesy but effective," that's what I say! She's so inspiring, and you can tell that she fully believes in what she says.