Wednesday, May 26, 2010

express yourself

My husband and I spent the weekend flower and plant shopping and then landscaping at our new home. We negotiated with the builder to let us do our own landscaping as we both really enjoy the process. Landscaping, while very hard work, is also a process that really gets my creative juices flowing. Choosing the flowers and plants and different heights and colors and then arranging them in the space is so much fun--not to mention watching the plants grow and bloom and spread over time!

Have you been feeling very creative lately? If not, there are many ways to get your creative juices flowing:

*play an instrument
*plant a garden
*redecorate a room
*create a new yoga sequence
*make a collage
*try out a new hair style
*paint your nails a bright summery color

Have fun & express yourself!


A Green Spell said...

Oh! So beautiful! I am currently facing the decision of whether or not to approach our landlords about letting us do some landscaping, too... Cross your fingers!

Emma said...

i posted pictures of my garden today!! im just too excited about all of the green things not to share!!! i know the feeling!

Trevor L. King said...

Good luck with the land scaping! And you are invited to follow my blog. See how I express myself.