Tuesday, May 11, 2010

update on my yoga teaching sabbatical

I have been on a yoga teaching sabbatical for just over one month now, and I must say it's been going very well. The week after I stopped teaching, we got a contract on our home and got the house we wanted under contract (it ended up being a very busy week--and talk about perfect timing!). Since then, I've been very focused on selling some furniture (on craigslist--love craigslist!), getting ready for a garage sale we are having this weekend, and thinking about and planning how I want to decorate our new home. It's been an exciting and busy time.

I have been able to go to a few yoga classes (which have been great!), and I've done some yoga dvds at home. I am actually subbing a yoga class tonight and another one in two weeks, so I am still getting small doses of instructing. I will say, when I go to a class a part of me yearns to be the one up in front leading. However, I know at this point in my life this sabbatical is exactly what I need. I'm finding that sometimes it's good to take a step back and take a break. It can also be good to step out of the roles we so identify with...who am I if not a...yoga instructor (you can fill in your own role here)? I have also taken a break from studying and reading about yoga--my practice is all that exists for me right now as far as yoga goes.

At this time, I am very satisfied with where I am. I always joke that I'm a "Type A personality on Yoga"...I believe it's so important for those of us who are "Type As" to take a step back every once and a while and surrender some of that drive, control, and need to excel. Sometimes that step back is exactly what we need to be catapulted forward in the right direction!

Any area of your life right now in which you need to take a sabbatical?



Diana said...

Just catching up on my blog reading. I have been taking a break from many things including the computer and teaching yoga!
I am in my 2nd week of non-teaching and as another Type A for Yoga, it is also so what I need.
I have decided to devote the next few months to me, my physical, mental and spiritual health. In order to do that I need to back away from the 'have to's' no matter how much I love them. I have found that I need to continue to be a student of yoga and not always the teacher, so I am hoping to find some great classes.
Good luck with the house, have a great summer and take care of you!!!!

Emma said...

honestly, i probably need a one day a week sabbatical from this damn computer. its a freaking addiction!