Wednesday, May 19, 2010

all in a days work

First, I want to give a big shout out to my friends Trevor & Samantha (if you happen to be reading this, we should get together soon!) for introducing me to the iphone hipstamatic application. I've been mulling over getting a pink Holga camera for about a year now, as I love the look of old photographs. However, the cost of buying film and processing it has stopped me from taking the plunge and buying the camera. Now, with the hipstamatic application, I can get the look I want and have it all digitally! So Very Excited about this! Thank you!

As my partner counselor said today, this week is kind of the "calm before the storm" at work. Starting next week, students will be very stressed getting ready for finals. With the purchase of my new app, I decided to shoot a few pics of my office. I've tried to create a very calming and welcoming environment at work. It's always amazing to me how much one's surroundings can really set a tone and vibe for the interactions and experiences in the space.

So, here are a few hipstamaticized (totally made this word up) shots of my office (and my sweet husband and I tonight at dinner):


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warm chords said...

YAY! It's a great app, glad you like it!
We do need to get together soon - shoot me a text or call and we can set something up!