Wednesday, October 21, 2009

some thoughts on yoga

My greatest intention when teaching yoga classes is that each participant's practice becomes a mirror for them to see themselves more clearly--that they accept who they are, yet open to evolving and growing into the best person they can be. Ultimately, I hope each person is able to take their yoga practice off the mat and incorporate it in how they live on a daily basis.

Tonight after teaching, I was talking with one of my clients and she mentioned to me that she was going to begin taking sign language classes. She said she had always been interested in becoming an interpreter, and that lately the yogathoughts I passed out at the end of class had focused on being brave, taking action, and taking risks. Essentially, these ideas prompted her to go ahead and embrace change (which she admitted she usually avoids) and take action to enroll in the classes. --In hearing this, my heart immediately filled full, for this is what yoga is really about!

If you would like to expand your yoga practice and take it off the mat, begin by pondering these questions:

1. How can I practice compassion with myself and others in my daily life?
2. How can I create new experiences in my life?
3. When was the last time I embraced challenges and viewed them as opportunities to grow into a "better" human being?

Let your life be your practice.



Diana said...

Thanks for this. I too teach Yoga on Wednesday night and I was thinking of just a little 'something' I could add for my students. I think I will 'borrow' a few words from you to talk about living your yoga in daily life and being more compassionate!
Thanks so much!!!

Yogadiva said...

Diana--You are very welcome, and feel free to "borrow" ideas from here anytime! Thanks for reading!
take care,

Zippy Mama said...

Thank you for sharing your intentions for teaching yoga. That is a really inspiring and beautiful direction to take your students.

I also appreciate your first question about taking yoga off the mat - something I have been trying to do more often lately - and practicing compassion with myself and others. I am currently taking a workshop in non-violent communication and I think this is an excellent method of practicing ahmisa in daily life, a yogic principle. I wrote a little bit about this workshop on my blog,

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!!

Melita said...

leslie, i absolutely love this post. i have just started teaching yoga (and LOVE it!!). i really love this post because it shows just how much you can inspire your students. i love learning from other yoga teachers. i am completely inspired by you and this post is awesome. a huge heart-felt thank you!

Yogadiva said...

Congrats on starting to teach yoga! How exciting! Glad to be an inspiration.

take care,