Saturday, February 14, 2009

self love

On this Valentine's day I feel compelled to mention how important it is to show love to others as much as possible throughout the year--rather than on just one specific day. Truly, if people made sure that at least once a week, they were celebrating Valentine's day there would probably be many more happy marriages and relationships out there.

And, just as important, if not more, as showing love to others is making sure to love and accept ourselves. It's interesting as I counsel teenagers, especially the girls, to see their struggles with fully embracing and accepting who they are. I know for me personally, I didn't really come to a full acceptance of myself until my mid-to late 20's, and yoga has definitely been a huge help along this journey! I will admit there are still times even now when I have to remind myself I am a fabulous woman worthy of abundance, joy, and love.

When one fully learns self-love--not just in the head, but in the heart--the world becomes a very different place. It's a place to learn, and grow, and accept and spread love. That's my Valentine's day wish to you:

Love yourself: Learn, grow, and spread your love.