Sunday, February 1, 2009

new addition--Yama of the Month

I've decided I will be adding a "Yama of the Month" and then "Niyama of the Month" section to my blog. If you look to your right, you will see February's Yama of the Month: Ahimsa--Nonviolence. My hope is that all those interested will join me in my intention to focus energy on one particular yama or niyama each month during the year of 2009.

If you're not familiar with Yamas and Niyamas, I will be posting more about them in the next week or two.

Hope you enjoy!



Ananda said...

i love the new feature. ahimsa... breathe in and out.... a lot to take in.

diana said...

This is fabulous! A fellow yogini had told me that she was focusing on a different yama or niyama monthly. I liked her idea so much that I have wrote mine at the top of my planner pad pages so I will remember. February is Ahimsa for me!
I think we all need to remember to be non-harmful to ourselves as well as non-harmful in an outward manner.

Caroline said...

Beautiful I love that! Nonviolence is a good virtue!

Bed and Breakfast Dave said...

What an excellent choice for the first Yama of the month. Non-violence (of all types), if adopted, would make a whole difference to our lives.