Sunday, February 1, 2009

plannerpad in pink please

Recently I listened to an entire podcast by the fabulous Kimberly Wilson at Tranquility du jour titled "Planner Pad Persuits" You can find it here:

When I first saw that this particular podcast was going to be all about a planner, I thought: Are you kidding? How much is there to say about that? Well, let me tell you ladies and gentleman, there is A LOT to say!

And, this podcast got me so excited about using a planner again (I do use one at work, but don't have a personal one), that I decided to order one. I pride myself in being a very organized person, but I've been keeping a lot of information either on my iphone, in a notebook, or in my head, and I need a centralized place to keep it all. I can't wait until my new plannerpad arrives. If interested, you can check out the plannerpad at It is unique from other planners as it has 3 different categories for all your lists, to do's, and reminders.

Of course, I cannot just have a boring black plannerpad, so I also ordered the great hot pink croc planner cover shown above. If you're interested, you can find it at
So, who get's so excited about such mundane things as planner pads and covers? Well, I do, and I think that's one reason I have such a full life...when the ordinary things make you happy and grateful, life is always good! :)
Now, off to go internet shopping for a mala beads. Any recommendations out there where I can find nice ones that are relatively inexpensive?
Here is your yogathought for the day:
"My yoga practice was teaching me how to pay attention to my everyday life in a way that was beneficial to myself and those around me. I was getting a glipmse of the hugeness of the ordinary, the sacred beauty of the everyday. I felt I could spend a hundred lifetimes just refining my own ability to have a good day." --Rolf Gates


diana said...

Love the pink cover!!!!! Will you please post if your planner pad fits into it? What size planner pad did you order for the cover? I use the executive size and love the space it gives. I keep Kimberly's planner pad/time management on my ipod all of the time - they are so helpful.
Love the blog - thank you for the yoga thoughts - wonderful.

Yogadiva said...

Diana, I will definitely let you know if it fits...I am pretty sure it will because I ordered the executive 8 1/2 by 11 plannerpad and the pink cover is 10 by 12.


Ananda said...

now i gotta go back and listen to the podcast. pink is what got me. i also love your yoga quote. tyou.