Thursday, January 22, 2009

feeding our beliefs

Last night I downloaded a bunch of podcasts to my ipod, and I began listening to one of them today. It was from Oprah's Best Life series and was an interview with personal trainer (who actually sounded very much like a therapist), Bob Greene. During the conversation, he made a statement that really struck me. Essentially he said people actually get great pleasure when they feed their core beliefs... even if these beliefs are not true. For instance, if someone believes she isn't worthy of love, most likely that person is going to prove this belief to herself over and over and over again because there is a sort of pleasure in affirming this deep rooted core belief to herself even though the belief is not truth. This pleasure is one of the reasons it can be so difficult to stop certain negative behaviors. Greene went on to say it takes a lot of awareness and work to unwire these false beliefs we often have about ourselves. It is through this unwiring that real connections can be made and one can begin to live fully in truth.

Here is your yogathought for the day:

May you know truth
May you speak truth.
May you live in truth.


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naturally nina said...

Thanks for sharing! I really like this idea of unwiring our core beliefs, but how on earth do we do it? any thoughts? :) xxxx Nina