Wednesday, December 31, 2008

mindful questions for the new year

I've been reading The Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden--a book I actually won from Nina at (Thanks again, Nina!) In this book, Louden discusses the importance of asking mindful questions to help guide us along our life's journey:

"Asking questions is how we think--it's part of the narrative process of making meaning that our brains use to construct some semblance of reality...The questions you ask yourself influence your thoughts; your thoughts influence your mood; and your mood influences what you believe or feel is possible--that is, the actions you take. Marilee Adams, in Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, summed it up well: 'The ability to interntionally shift our internal questions puts us in charge of our own thoughts.'...

Asking questions of real worth can penetrate your self-limiting stories about who you are and what is possible like nothing else can--especially when coupled with an awakened body and shifted heart. You're using three of the most powerful tools human beings have--while working with your brain and body to create greater health on all levels...

Mindful Questions for Every Day

Use these questions for in-the-moment life organizing and whenever you need to make a choice throughout your day. Some of these questions are terrific to ask when you are feeliing off, out of it, overwhlemed, clutching, clenching, judgmental, victimized, fearful, exhausted, shut down, small, like you're living in a box, focused on what other people need or want from you, or in any way out of the present moment.

Where am I in respect to this moment? Where am I in respect to me? What is this moment calling from me?

What do I need to know right now?

What do I want?

How can I be gentle with myself in this situation?

What does my body need right now?

Spirit, what do I need right now?

Where does my energy want to go next?

How do I choose to spend my energy and time?

What am I gettting out of being so busy/frantic/overwhelmed?

How can I give myself permission to enjoy this moment?

Here are a few for high-stress situations:
What choice will keep me sane?
What would I be proud of?
What can I be satisfied with?
How can I nurture myself today?"

I definitely plan on using these midful questions to help me stay focused and grounded in the upcoming year. In her book, Louden goes on to talk about allowing...this is something else I am going to be working on--when asking these questions, rather than getting all heady about answering them, I'm going to do my best to mute my sometimes very analytical and practical mind and try to allow my heart and more intuitive self come up with the answers.

Here is your yogathought for the day from Louden's book:

" of the quickest routes to a life your don't love is listening to and relying solely on your mind..."

Live from your heart.


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