Monday, December 22, 2008

hip time

Chilly winter weather (it's 18 degrees here) can result in our bodies being tighter and more contracted than normal. All of us have certain areas of our bodies that are tighter than others, and for me, relatively speaking, my hips tend to be T I G H T-tight. So this afternoon, I put my yoga mat down by a nice, warm fire and got some hip opening yoga on. I just finished the 26 minute yoga hip opening sequence and my hips feel deliciously D I V I N E-divine! Here's the link if you're feeling like you need a little hip time in this wintery weather:



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Ananda said...

Gracias. I really needed the hip opener reminder. I have been working on my hamstrings and lower back lately. The cold weather is making me do more sun salutations in the mornings and drink more water so that my body is hydrated.