Tuesday, December 16, 2008

snow day list

I love snow days! It is a wonderful feeling to get up and have an unexpected day off work to fill at home exactly as I please...a day to hibernate and fill with simple indulgences! Yippee! (I realize I sound as excited as a kid. I am, and I hope to always have a child-like spirit!)

This morning I've been reading my Jan. issue of Real Simple magazine which is full of lists. Here is my very own list of snow day (or any day spent at home hibernating) things to do:

*read Twilight (yes, I finally purchased the book and am enjoying it thoroughly!)
*sip hot cocoa with marshmallows
*watch the Today Show
*take a nap
*blog and read blogs
*download Christmas music and create a Christmas tunes playlist on my i-pod
*give myself a manicure and pedicure
*make home-made pizza on whole wheat tortillas
*do some sun salutations to keep the energy flowing
*enjoy my puppies sleeping soundly on my lap

I hope you have a day to hibernate soon, too.



naturally nina said...

I love this post and how heavenly it must be to have this day! You deserve it, enjoy!

a oz said...

The Twilight series was so good! I am anxious to discuss it w/ you soon!

Brian said...
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Caroline said...

I almost want to re-read Twilight! I actually had hot cocoa with marshmallows the other day...so so yummy!