Saturday, December 6, 2008

now is the time

Now is the time...the time of year when lights and decorations go up, malls are packed, traffic is often backed up bumper to bumper, and the hustle and bustle is on.

Now is also the time to practice yoga on the mat and off. Now is the time to have a positive, loving approach to the holiday season. Now is the time to get still. Now is the time to listen. Now is the time to move. Now is the time to breathe. Now is the time to feel. Now is the time to be awake and alive to life. Now is the time to be grateful. Now is the time to give. Now is the time to receive.

Holiday blessings!


Lynne from NY said...

I love seeing how others decorate! I bet that looks really beautiful at night with the candles lit. Is your tree up yet? We are decorating ours tonight. I finished everything else last weekend, it's so nice to come home to. I couldn't find any lampe berger around here but the Bath and Body Works has a very nice oil that smells just like pine trees.
I love this time of year!

Yogadiva said...

My tree is up. I have a silver vintage style tree with thin branches. This is the only type of tree I can find that my cats aren't able to climb up and eventually break!

I like to mix Bath and Body Works Winter and Tree scented oils together--makes my whole house smell divine!

Happy Holidays,