Sunday, November 9, 2008

totally inspired

This evening I found myself going to the local movie gallery in hopes of finding an uplifting and inspiring flick. I didn't have a particular movie in mind and was delighted to find one copy of Kris Carr's documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. I just finished watching it, and I am completely humbled and inspired. Carr's courage, truthfulness, determination, tenacity and strength in the face of illness and disease is absolutely amazing. I plan on keeping her message of living fully and living well in the forefront of my mind. Next time you're looking for an inspiring movie, I highly recommend you seek this one out!

Live fully. Live well. Goodnight.



Caroline said...

I heard it was great...I will have to check this out.

Connie said...

She has a really cool blog too!!! I read it it is:

I have to see the movie!!

Peace & Love.