Saturday, September 6, 2008

seek inspiration

Typically we think of young children and teenagers needing positive role-models. I think it is important to have role-models no matter what your age. Finding human beings who inspire you to be the brave, creative, wonderful person you were meant to be is essential in creating your fullest life.

This picture is me with one of my all-time favorite sources of yoga inspiration--Bryan Kest. He was one of thes first teachers I studied when beginning to learn about instructing yoga. He probably doesn't know what a positive role he has played in the course of my life. It's interesting how you might not ever know who you've inspired and made a positive impact on. I just try to trust that if I am working on myself, living life from a place of truth and integrity, and being compssionate with others then surely I'm making a positive impact.

Here are some of my other yoga inspirations:
Beryl Bender Birch

Baron Baptiste

Kimberly Wilson

Seane Corn (love, love, love her!)

Instead of a yoga thought, how about a few yoga questions to ponder:

Who inspires you? How can you live a life that inspires others?

Wishing you inspiration and peace.


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