Sunday, June 1, 2008


A word on patience:

"Patience (kshama) is the power and capacity to accept people as they are and events as they are happening, without the desire for changing them. Impatience stems from our wish to obtain unfulfilled desires and our inability to be fully present with the current moment. While practicing patience can be quite challenging, it will yield a great spiritual power and teach us to accept things as they are. And with all things, the more we practice patience the easier it becomes. When you find yourself becoming impatient with a person or event, take a moment to let go of this reaction (the need for things to be other than they are) and instead bring your awareness to the breath, letting it be slow and deep. Then let yourself become grateful for these opportunities to work on letting go and tuning into your breath and the inner awareness of the present moment."
--Timothy Burgin


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