Monday, May 19, 2008

lilacs, lotions, and all things smelling good

Our lilacs are finally in bloom. I was able to cut some stems and put them in a vase in our living room and bedroom. They make the whole house smell divine. I am passionate about yummy smells. As I'm writing this, I realize how silly that sounds--but it is true. I love lighting smell-good candles (Trapp candles are one of my favorite brands--they are strong and last a long time, burning very clean). I also love putting on smell-good body lotions. I love perfumes. These days, I've even started mixing lotion and perfume smells to make my own special smell-good concoctions. One other smell yummy secret is the lampe burger. This is an oil burner that not only purifies the air but also makes the whole house smell heavenly--there are a bunch of different scents. I currently have a mixture of Wild Grass Fields and Peppermint burning. It is also safer than candles (especially for pet owners) because there aren't any open flames.

I definitely make sure I appreciate the small things in life (as is apparent by this post). I also make sure I take the time and make the effort to surround myself with simple pleasures. If you haven't done this lately, why not today?



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