Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm back and yoga flow sequence

Tonight I subbed a yoga class, and it felt oh-so good. I cannot explain how teaching yoga makes me feel beyond it's like I'm returning home every time I teach. I'm present. I'm alive. I'm full of energy. I'm calm. I'm focused. I'm relaxed. I'm out of my head and in my body. It's amazing! I have been on a year long yoga teaching sabbatical (although I taught quite a bit subbing classes and in the school where I work during this time "off"), and while I know it was good for me to take this mini-break, I am more than ready to begin teaching regularly again! I am also thrilled that I will be instructing at a fabulous studio here in town that has just the vibe and energy I want to be a part of. April 19 is the exciting start date, and I know lots of good things are to come! For all you yoginis out there, I thought I'd share a flow that will get you nice and heated: Inhale to chair pose Exhale sink deeper into chair Inhale to your tippy toes (while in chair)--I always give this as an option, not a requirement Exhale feet go flat as you foward fold into uttanasana Inhale half way up and out extending the spine long Exhale to plank and slowly lower on the exhale Inhale cobra or updog Exhale downdog Inhale while in downdog Exhale walk or hop feet to hands Inhale half way up and out extending the spine long Exhale forward fold into uttanasana (Repeat 5-10 times to get nice and heated from the inside out!) Keep going with the flow! More to follow... Peace, Love, Lipstick, & Namaste' Leslie

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