Saturday, April 24, 2010

rainy day and random thoughts

While I most definitely consider myself a sunshine girl, I am actually somewhat enjoying the rainy weather today. Somehow the rain makes me feel like I have permission to really just relax and slow down. So, I'm listening to some Nick Drake and just chilling with my feet up while surfing on the internet. I also spent some time earlier today at B & N reading the book, Women, Food, & God. I just read the first 3 chapters and found it quite interesting. It has now been added to my "wanna read" list.

On another note, I often listen to a Tara Brach's (LOVE her) podcast, and she read something recently on the podcast titled "Thinkers Anonymous." This really resonated with me, as I know that I, myself, am somewhat addicted to thinking. I spend WAY too much time in my head. I think it's good that I at least recognize this, and I know one of the reasons I love yoga so much is because it gets me out of my head and more grounded in my body and therefore, the present moment. As an educator, I really believe that there needs to be a shift in education where we are not only teaching our kids to be thinkers but to also be present and mindful because constantly thinking one's way through life is really no way to live.

Just breathe.


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