Friday, April 2, 2010

21 day consciousness cleanse

I've been reading the introduction to this book throughout this week (and highlighting almost every sentence as it is so greatly resonating with me). I will be officially starting the 21 day consciousness cleanse on Monday, April 5, and I am very excited to begin! In addition to the consciousness cleanse, I am also going to add my own physical and financial cleanse by practicing yoga daily, eating at least 75% clean, and not spending $ except for necessities for the 21 days. I highly, highly recommend you check this book out. And, when you do, if you feel called to join me on this journey, I'd love to have you along!


Lydia said...

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mythoughts said...
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Stargirl said...

Hi there,
in this blog post and some others you mention eating 'clean'.What do you mean by this? What food constitutes clean food?

Yogadiva said...

Eating clean simply means eating whole, natural foods, free of sugar, hydrogenated fats, transfats and anything else unnatural. It is quite amazing how much better I feel when I'm eating a mostly clean diet!