Monday, March 22, 2010

gratitude list

Feeling a little blue? I've found making a gratitude list can help me get that positive energy and mind-set flowing again!

Today I am grateful for:

*spring-like weather
*my husband having me come outside to see a hot air balloon taking off right by our house
*my pup making me smile by growling at the hot air balloon (we can now add this to our list of
things he's afraid of)
*my blog and blogging friends

What are your thankful for today?



Eco Yogini said...

yoga and friendly smiles :)

Kat said...

My wonderful husband.
Health - my own and that of my family
Having a stable job that I enjoy
Signs of spring - love all the blooms I'm seeing

Emma said...

family. big one.

Diana said...

Breath, sun, wind, time, family, friends, good and healthy food, quiet moments, books, my pets, and so many, many other things.
Thanks Leslie!!!

Melita said...

we have SO much to be thankful for don't we?! i am grateful that i am finished with school and ready to make the transition back into the workforce doing something that i love & that feeds my soul.

hope your tuesday is a tranquil one. hugs!!

Dawn said...

I am grateful for my hubby and daughter, yoga, my job and my discovery of blogging!

Samantha said...

I am grateful for monthly dinners with friends, my lova, the beautiful spring weather, and all loved ones, related and not related.

Nomad said...

I am also grateful for the sunshine today and the fresh spring air.

People aren't grateful enough in their lives and it's nice to see an advocate of that.

I'm having a mantra contest. I hope everyone here participates - I think there will be some very insightful words from this neck of the woods.

Love the blog.