Saturday, February 27, 2010

sequence for your saturday

Here's a short flowing sequence that I use when I want to get my clients' heart pumping and bodies warmed up in a short amount of time:

Start in Mountain Pose
Inhale arms up
Exhale forward fold (arms swan dive downward)
Inhale Monkey
Exhale walk or hop to plank and slowly lower (all on the exhale if possible)
Inhale cobra or up-dog
Exhale down dog
Inhale (staying in down dog)
Exhale walk or hop feet to hands
Inhale chair pose
Exhale sink a little deeper into chair pose
Inhale to tippy toes while in chair (I always say this is optional)
Exhale forward fold into uttanasana
Inhale to standing
Exhale hands to heart center
(Repeat multiple times)

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!


AblazeyDaisy said...

Can you please explain your 'monkey' pose? All I can think of that's monkey-related is hanumanasana & that can't be it due to context. Thank you.

Yogadiva said...

Hi, AblazeyDaisy. Thanks for asking this question as I'm sure you weren't the only one wondering about it. "Monkey" pose in the context I learned it through Yogafit is when you lift up slightly out of uttanasana pressing your heart and crown of your head forward while keeping your hands connected to the floor, shin, or thighs (depending on how deeply you were in the forward folding uttanasan position). Does this help clarify?

Kat said...

Leslie, thanks for this!

I didn't realize you were YogaFit. I've taken Level 1 and A&A. I'm planning on taking Level 2 sometime late spring or early summer.

Love your blog!

Yogadiva said...

Yes...I've completed Yogafit levels 1, 2, 3, and retrained levels 1 and 2. I've also done a weekend workshop with Bryan Kest that was phenomenal!

Melita said...

i am loving these sequences! thank you for sharing them. hugs!!

Rebecca Sue Peters said...

I really like the tip toes in chair! I think I'll try that out in one of the next classes I teach!