Friday, February 26, 2010

just for fun friday

I love being a girl. I love make-up and finger nail polish and perfume and lotion and jewelry and fashion. Sometimes I find myself thinking this love of all things girly somehow goes against being a "good yogini." However, truly I believe the most important thing is that we accept ourselves and embrace ourselves as we are and I find all of these wonderful "girly" things allows me to be creative and feel my best. So, as a tribute to accepting my girly-beauty-fashionista side here are a few of my newest favorite finds:

1. essie's new "Neo Whimsical" fingernail polish: It is a fun, whimsical (as the name suggests), and perfect pink shade for spring!

2. Miss Dior Cherie perfume: I LOVE perfume. Seriously, when I got engaged the first thing I did, while most would begin looking for a dress, flowers, venue, etc., I started trying to find the perfect wedding scent. What did I choose? Flowerbomb-it smells fabulous! However, right now I am loving Miss Dior Cherie. I haven't yet purchased it, as I think the fact that I have about 8 perfumes currently is probably enough. I do hope to add it to my collection sometime soon, though!

3. Sebastian Potion 9, Sebastian Whipped Cream, & Beyond the Zone Super Sexy: I've actually used all of these in the past, but I just started mixing a dab of each of these all together, and I've found it is the perfect mixture for my curly hair!

I would love to hear some of your favorite recent finds! Do share!



Dawn said...

I agree, It is all about loving and accepting yourself.

My splurge recently was on my bathroom and making my own bath salts. It was SO wonderful to take am aromatherapy bath (even if it was only for 15 minutes).

Yogadiva said...

Dawn--making bath salts sounds like so much fun! I just might add this to my list of tings I would like to do!

Take care,

Melita said...

i love girly things too! i recently made my own salt scrub and it left my skin silky smooth. have a lovely weekend. hugs!!