Sunday, November 22, 2009

first vlog!!!

Ok, Ladies and Gents...One of my goals has been to start learning how to do more with the technology out there. One of the ways I wanted to do this was by learning how to do videos. (I realize now it isn't that hard, but I just hadn't tried doing it before and was a wee bit intimidated at the thought.) Yesterday, while reading The Joy Diet by Martha Beck, I was on the chapter on taking a risk every day. I am oh-so-not a risk-taker; however, I am opening up more and more to the idea. So, here is my risk for the day: My first-ever vlog. (The self-critical part of me thinks I have a very goofy initial look on my face, I'm leaning a bit too far into the camera, and the background isn't great, but I am letting all that go, and just going with it!)

I hope you enjoy hearing from me in a little bit different way!

How can you take a small risk today?




Melita said...

love it!! it was such a delight to hear your voice. happy birthday, i hope all of your dreams become realities. have a happy thankgiving. hugs!!

Lynne from NY said...

Happy Birthday (belated)!! Your video is so sweet, yay for taking risks. I bet your yoga classes are wonderful.
Namaste to you as well!

mary-jo said...

beautiful job!!! you look so calm and at ease. happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

Granada Dave said...

Thanks for sharing your risk taking with us.

I really enjoyed hearing your voice and feel I know you a little better now because of that.

Namaste and Blessings to you