Tuesday, August 11, 2009

surrender...a work in progress

I have to be honest here...I am having a little bit (or maybe a lot) of trouble with surrender lately. You see, my sweet husband and I found a house we really, really love and it's in the perfect location (close to my work and yoga studio). It is an older home (which we tend to like since they usually have much more character), and it's been updated just a little, but there is still so much more we can do to personalize it and make it our own. We weren't really actively looking for houses, but we found this one like it was just meant to be. So, we made the decision to make an offer on it and put our house (which we also really love)on the market.

We now are in waiting. The contract on our new house is contingent on the sale of our house, so we are just hoping and waiting and waiting and hoping that our house sells before anyone else decides that the house we want is for them! Obviously, the surrender part isn't going that well. I will say this whole situation has made my return to work much easier since it keeps my mind busy, so I'm not spending all day wondering what will happen! Truly, I am trying to surrender. And, I do have brief moments where I trust and know it will all work out as it should, and then I think, but I want that house!

It's always interesting to me how life seems to give us the lessons we need right when we need them. I will continue to try to let go...definitely a work in progress!

On another note, the yoga studio has now been open a little more than a month, and it is going fabulously! I am excited to have so many of my former clients now with me in my new space. I've also had a few additional new yoginis join me, too! Really, my biggest concern at this point (which isn't a bad concern to have) is that in the very near future I might not have enough space! At that point, I guess I'll just have to get creative!



Zippy Mama said...

Hi ... I found your blog via a google search - I am also very interested in yoga and fitness. I noticed that you are a YogaFit trained instructor. I am considering going through that process and I was just wondering what your experience was with that? I don't know anyone who has done that training, so any feedback you have about the program would really be appreciated. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house!