Saturday, August 1, 2009

summer list

It's hard to believe I have just 2 more days of summer break. This morning I took a look at my summer to-do list that I had created before summer started and was glad to see that most(although not all) of the activities on my list have been completed plus some. So, here's a look at my summer in list form (I love lists...)

*opening and remodeling yoga studio
*Father's day BBQ
*float trip
*trip to KC
*4th of July BBQ at my brother's house
*Girls' weekend at my house
*afternoons in coffee shops reading and writing
*spent oodles of quality time with my pups
*cleaned out closets
*completed 3 hour graduate class
*transferred itunes to new computer
*spent a few afternoons at the pool

All in all it's been a great summer! What's on your summer list?



Grace said...

Glad to hear you completed many things on your list. Nothing worse than the end of summer and you're left wondering where it went!

Carolyn said...

Awesome list! Truth be told I'm just waiting for summer to be OVER, as it's an unbearable 105 degrees here daily...

Yogadiva said...

105 degrees? Yikes! It usually gets very hot and humid here in the summer, but we've been blessed this summer with very nice weather!