Monday, March 16, 2009

ring of fire

Ring of fire is dinner for me tonight. It's a juice from the local organic cafe and juice bar, The Main Squeeze. The juice is a mixture of apples, oranges, organic beats, and ginger...not too bad, if I do say so myself. It smells a bit like dirt, but definitely tastes a lot better! The ginger adds a bit of a bite, which I like. I'm drinking it from a wine glass which I think is fun (yes, little details like this make me happy!).

Day one of my raw foods and juicing cleanse is almost done. I must admit as I drove around town today I did notice every single fast food restaurant and the food items they were advertising. It was like they were blinking lights saying, "Look at me...Look at me"...Biscuit breakfast sandwiches at Hardee's, Chalupas at Taco Bell, Big Macs at McDonalds. I find this interesting since I normally just drive right by without noticing them. Anyway, back to much more healthy topics: Thanks for the juicing and smoothy recipes and recommendations. Keep them coming!

On another note, it was a beautiful day with spring-like temperatures and lots of sunshine. I'm actually blogging outside on my back patio. Life doesn't get much better than this!



Melita said...

1 down, 2 to go! you can do it!! when i did my juice fast, i also noticed everything food related. i often wonder if it wouldn't be better (and have read that it is best) to stay home and relax during detoxing or fasting. unfortunately sometimes this is unrealistic (as it was for me when i did mine). thanks for keeping us posted on how your juicing ventures are going.

Mandy said...

Beets always taste and smell like dirt to me, but think of how connected to the earth it must make us....

Love your blog...Mandy