Thursday, February 21, 2008

snow days and puppy love

It's always a nice treat to wake up and find out that you have the day lounge around home, drink coffee, read, sit by the fire, watch a movie, do yoga, take an afternoon nap and chill. While I'm more than ready for spring to arrive, I will definitely appreciate and enjoy this snow day!

It's also nice to spend a little extra time with the pups. Meet Ziggy, our cockapoo on the left, and Olivia, our miniature schnauzer on the right. Our dogs have a really sweet life, overall. They have a little doggy condo in our house where they spend their days while we're at work. They have a nice, big, fenced-in backyard where they can run wild and play. When the weather is nice, they get walked regularly. They have 2 cats to occassionally harass and chase. There is always an available toy or ball to play with and rawhides to chew. They get to frequent the local dog park regularly. There are definitely times when the pups can try our patience--especially Ziggy; however, overall they bring a great deal of energy, love, and life to our home.

Animals can really teach us so much about life--if we really observe and pay attention to them. It's also interesting how many yoga poses animals do naturally. Here is little Zoey watching one of my yoga videos. Pretty cute, huh?
Your yoga thought today is one of my all-time favorites!:
"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it." --Maya Angelou

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