Saturday, February 9, 2008

feeling juicy on a sunny day

While I've always appreciated the wonderful feeling in my body after exercise, there truly is no comparison with how my body feels after doing a yoga class. The closest feeling that I've found is how I feel after getting a Swedish massage--which I don't do nearly as often as I'd like. What is even better is the fact that not only is my body all warm and juicy after yoga, but my mind is also cleared out (at least momentarily) of all the clutter I tend to accumulate.

I often wonder how the world would be if everyone was doing yoga...

Here's the yoga thought for the day: (It comes from my Yogi brand tea that I'm drinking right now. If you haven't tried Yogi brand tea, you should check it out. Green tea is especially good for you, loaded with antioxidants. I've cut back my caffeine intake, so I get the decaf green tea. Not only do I love the tea, but each packet has a little saying on it!)

"Act selfless, you will be infinite."


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