Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am a firm believer we are creators of our lives (in conjunction with a higher power). Sometimes consciously, sometimes not, we attract many of our life experiences. While at home in bed sick today, I was pondering these ideas, and a memory came to me that I had not thought about in a very long time.

During my late teen years, when I started exercising a bit compulsively and was very, very fit, I purchased a Yoga video instructed by Bryan Kest. Now, Bryan's Power Yoga series had 3 levels, and I naively thought that because I was fit, Power Yoga would be a piece of cake, so I reached without hesitation for Level 3. Who needs Levels 1 and 2? Not me. When I got home, I popped the tape into our VCR and began. Well, it wasn't long before I was watching the video, rather than particpating, and I was laughing hysterically because there was no way my body was going to be able to do much of what I was watching. Needless to say, the video sat unused in my tv cabinet, and I sold it a few years later in a garage sale.

While in my moments of laughter, I know I never thought that someday I would attend a Power Yoga workshop with Bryan Kest instructing and participate in over 10 hours of Power Yoga in a 48 hour time span. While in my moments of laughter, I know I never thought I would eventually find yoga to be one of my passions in life. While in my moments of laughter, I know I never thought I would someday become a yoga instructor.

On the surface, one might think my journey to becoming a yoga instructor almost came about by default. I had already been teaching group exerise classes for almost 5 years and yoga was finally becoming incredibly popular on the coasts with celebrities such as Madonna swearing by it. I was teaching step and abs classes at a local gym, and thought, why not start teaching yoga? I obviously hadn't been traumatized by my experience with Bryan Kest's video years earlier. And, with the popularity yoga was gaining on the coasts, it was eventually going to make it to the mid-west, so I figured I better start learning. I spent almost a year in self-study reading everything I could get my hands on about yoga. And, I began practicing yoga regularly. I purchased another yoga video, not quite as advanced as Kest's Level 3, and worked my way through it. Then, I bought Kest's Level 1 video. Then, Level 2. Then, Level 3. I recently purchased the 3 Level series on DVD since I enjoy them to this day. After a year of study and practice, I approached the fitness manager about starting to teach a yoga class. She was all for it, and the rest, we can say is history.

When I think about becoming a yoga instructor, it wasn't something I ever consciously had a deep longing or desire for. As my story shows, my first experience with yoga was less than positive. However, what I did long for and feel passionately about, and continue to long for today, is to be able to use my creative talents and strengths as a teacher to positively impact the lives of other people. I have found no better way to do this than through teaching yoga. When I began becoming interested in yoga, I never realized that it would be one way I would manifest a life aligned with my one of my deepest longings. It is truly awesome how the universe can send opportunities to help us manifest and fulfill our deepest desires--many times in a way much bigger and better than we could have ever imagined or planned.

I am so grateful I was open to the opportunity.


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