Wednesday, May 4, 2011

on inspiration

Living an inspired (i.e. in-spirit) life takes conscious effort. I don't wake up every morning feeling connected and full of spirit energy--that's for sure. I make small choices throughout my day to incorporate and invite in as much inspiration as possible. Some days it's easier than others. And, small choices do add up and can make a BIG difference.

Here are a few things that keep me living in in-spirit:


*expressing gratitude*

*practicing yoga*

*teaching yoga*

*listening to Hayhouse Radio*

*listening to inspiring podcasts*

*not watching the news--especially before bed*

*listening to inspiring music*

*reading inspirational books*

*avoiding negativity and violence--in word, thought, and action*

*making a conscious effort to invite in love, peace, & joy*

Add a little sprinkle of inspiration in each and every day!

Peace, Love, Lipstick, & Namaste'


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