Sunday, October 31, 2010

nov. intentions

(I am almost embarrassed to admit that I go to Starbucks so much the baristas there now start making my drink (grande', decaf, nonfat, no-whip mocha in a for-here mug) as soon as they see me walk in. And, a few weeks ago, one very talented barista even made me a heart!)

I love the month of November just as much, if not more than, October! Between my Birthday on the 17th (yes, I am a total Scorpio) and one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving--which we are able to host this year because with our new home, we now have enough room--it is a month I always look forward to!

Here are my intentions for my birthday month:

*fully enjoy my birthday month--celebrate my life daily
*host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever
*continue planning time with girlfriends
*go to a Yoga workshop
*go to Missouri School Counselors Association Conference
*finish knitting hot pink slippers
*get creative--make stamped cards to put on the table for Thanksgiving, start another hat, finish knitting J's scarf
*revise and update my 35 by 35 list
*get a massage
*take a personal day from work to reflect, create, and savor life
*listen more, try to fix less
*keep a daily gratitude journal (always oh so much to be thankful for!)
*practice really paying attention and being mindful as much as possible

What are your intentions for November? I'd encourage you to write them down. I truly believe that the act of writing down goals, dreams, and intentions really does help you make them come true!



Marnie said...

I love November too. It's the month my daughter was born :0) I also love my coffee beverages ;0)

Rebecca Sue Peters said...

I highly recommend going to one of Gina Caputo's workshops at Element this weekend (Nov 5-7). Gina is a wonderful teacher from KC. I did my teacher training with her and enjoy practicing with her so much!

Yogadiva said...

Marnie-thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful month!

Rebecca Sue--I am actually planning on attending one class and one workshop with Gina this weekend! I am so looking forward to it!!!