Monday, August 2, 2010

cleanse & morning ritual

It is that time of year when my body is feeling very ready to cleanse and detoxify, so I am eating raw for 2 days and clean the rest of the week (minus Wednesday's my 5 year wedding anniversary with Sweet Husband and we will be going to dinner. I'm thinking sushi, so it shouldn't be too terribly unhealthy!). I am also planning on doing gentle yoga every day this week to work out the kinks my body is absorbing while at my desk and computer.

This morning, my first day back to work from summer break, I was actually able to complete a morning ritual (Yay!) before leaving the house at 7:00 a.m. I got up, wrote my morning pages (check out The Artist's Way, fab book by Julia Cameron for more information on morning pages), said a morning prayer (one I wrote myself and will share below), and chose a mantra/affirmation from my homemade affirmation cards (see photo) to focus on throughout the week. I'm hoping to keep this ritual up throughout the school year--it's really a great way to begin the day!

My Morning Prayer:

"Dear God

Thank you for waking me to this beautiful day filled with possibility. Help me stay fully awake all day to your wisdom, presence & love.

I place my trust in you knowing you will guide me & fill me with creative energy, prospering ideas, & open me to unlimited abundance & goodness.

I surrender all my worldly worries & anxieties to you. I believe with all my heart you will take care of me & help me create a life beyond my own limited imagination.

Lord, let your peace & light radiate through me & shine brightly on others always.




Lana B said...

Hi! I'm happened upon this blog and I hope you don't think it's creepy that I'm reading it! Anyway, I loved the morning prayer. I immediately copied it and am going to tape it to the mirror I use to get ready!

Yogadiva said...

Lana B,
So glad you found my blog and are using the prayer! I was a little apprehensive about posting it, but was hoping it would resonate with others!