Sunday, August 8, 2010

august intentions

I've decided I'm going to start writing down intentions each month. I like the idea of intentions instead of goals for two reasons: First, goals technically are supposed to be measureable and objective, and most of my list will not be either. Secondly, I like intentions because by stating an intention, it is declaring want I want to focus on and the direction I'd like to go without the pressure of feeling like I have to reach my goals, and the feelings of guilt that will ensue if I for some reason don't meet one or more.

So, here is my list for August:

*Host a Happy Hour Housewarming party for co-workers
*Guest teach yoga classes at Element
*Have a play date with Hayley--see Eat, Pray, Love & go to dinner
*Play the piano at least 3X's a week
*Get my knitting needles out and finish my Sweet Husband's scarf
*Celebrate my Grandpa's birthday with family
*Finish reading You Can Heal Your Life & Women, Food, & God
*Practice lots of self-care during a very, very busy month-eat healthy, get a massage, practice yoga, laugh a lot, etc.
*Spend a weekend at my Momma's with family
*Take photos with our new camera (that's really months old, but hasn't been used much)
*Get photos printed and put them in albums

What intentions do you have for the month of August?


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