Monday, July 5, 2010

rain, cycling, & yoga

It is pouring down rain outside as I write this post, and I am snuggled up under a light blanket (I love being covered up in a blanket even in the middle of summer) on our new chaise lounge (I also love chaise lounges, and I've wanted one for years--so excited to finally have one.) I typically am not one who appreciates rain, especially if I have to get out in it; however, there are occasional instances when I really like the rain, and this evening is one of those.

While I'm reading blogs, writing, and exploring on the internet, my husband is vegged out on the sofa watching the Tour de France. He is a cyclist and looks forward to watching this race every summer. While I don't enjoy being on a bike, I do like to watch the races and over the years, I've even learned a little bit about the strategy behind races and some of the lingo. This year, apparently, there is a big rivalry between Lance Armstrong & Alberto Contador. Contador won the tour last year and he and Lance were on the same team. This year they are not on the same team, and I will admit, I'm hoping the old guy (that would be Lance as he is 38 and that is old in racing terms) is able to pull off a win. Guess we will just have to watch and see...

On another note, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I haven't practiced yoga in a few weeks. My sabbatical from teaching has become a short sabbatical from practicing (although I plan to resume' my practice this week.) We've been incredibly busy with the move, and then I slashed the bottom of my right foot, and there was no way I could do the more rigorous practice I was used to, as I could barely walk (was limping around on the ball of my foot most of the time). Now I am recovered & mostly settled into our new home, so I'm looking forward to getting back in my yoga routine. One of the great things about yoga is that it accepts you back graciously whenever you are ready--it meets you where you are.


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Melita said...

i love summer rain storms (preferably with thunder and lightening too). :) i think we all fall off the yoga wagon from time to time, i know i am guilty of this as well actually. hugs!!