Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my mind-body-spirit checklist

This is the list I came up with of the things that I need to help me stay mentally, physically, & spiritually healthy and connected...

*Daily prayer
*Morning Ritual
*Daily/Weekly Affirmations
*Regular Yoga Practice
*Creative Expression
**Playing the piano
**Art/Visual Journaling
**Making cards

**Alone (Leslie) Time

**Having Fun & Enjoying Life
**Saying no when I'm not feeling 100% yes

*Connection to others
**Dates w/ Sweet Husband
**Family Time

*Healthy Eating
**Cleansing a few times each year
**Trying to incorporate clean eating as much as possible

*Regular check-ups
**Dentist, eye doc., girl doc., etc.
**Practicing Mindfulness
**Deep breathing (making sure to take at least 3 deep, full, present breaths each day)
**Listening to Podcasts
**Going to Conferences & Workshops
**Trying out new things
**Taking risks

What's on your list?



Nan said...

Love your list! Thanks for your positive energy and ideas.
Blessings, Nan

covnitkepr1 said...

I like the way you start your day.
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MAVIS said...

I'm thrilled to see someone else writing down a personal list like this.

Included on my daily list (never achieved more than two days running):
listen to or try to play music (keyboards)
create something - I like crafts, writing poetry
positivity - this is more about keeping perspective so I use it as a reminder to read positive quotes or advice.

Thank you, I loved your list.

LizF said...

I love this list. It's inspired me to do one myself. This is one of my favorites: "Saying no when I'm not feeling 100% yes."


Energetic Healing said...

Yoga is a very old and scientific practice of the body and the mind that helps you feel positive and relaxed and less stressed.It is something every one could add in their daily schedule and be happy about it.